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High School Clock

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The High School Clock design is based on a photo I found after Googling high school clock, oddly enough. While most clocks of this ilk generally look alike, I was intrigued by the small details of the clock hand shapes.

I built the project with D3, a JavaScript data visualization library. The coolest thing is that this clock actually keeps accurate time by using setInterval and the native Date object. I update the position of the hands every second and use different animations to achive a realistic look.

Original High School ClockOriginal High School Clock

The hour hand is basic, a simple rectangle.

The minute hand is tapered, a bit more modern looking.

The second hand is mainly thin, with an interesting trapeziod balancing feature.

The implementation of these hands uses SVG Polygon elements. To code each hand a function my output a set of points mathematically related to each other. The radius of the clock and various contacts are used to maintain proportion.

Hour Hand

function hourHand() {
  var w = radius / 30
  var b = radius / 7.5
  var t = radius / 2.1
  return `${-w},${b} ${w},${b} ${w},${-t} ${-w},${-t} ${-w},${b}`

Check out the source code at Observable.